What is a refer-a-friend program?

A "refer-a-friend program" (also called “referral program”) is a way for companies to reward their current customers/users for telling their friends about the company. In exchange for helping them gain a new customer, companies are willing to pay the referrer in cash, credits, discounts, or gift cards.



Why did GoHalfsy need to happen?

We exist to make business more personal. We believe these referral programs are extremely underutilized, both by the companies that offer them and by the customers that could be taking advantage of them. Although most companies offer some sort of refer-a-friend incentive, there has never been an easy, efficient way to share them among your friends…until now.



How does GoHalfsy work?

To receive referrals, simply add your referral codes/links to your profile for each company you use and then sit back and relax. We’ll make your code available to anyone who views that company, showing your code/link first when your friends search. Easy money, baby!


To give referrals or see where your friends shop, simply choose a category or search for a company, and then take your pick of other GoHalfsy users. Their referral code/link will take you directly to the sign-up page and begin the referral process.


GoHalfsy is a completely free service and does not charge the users anything.



How do you choose which companies to list on GoHalfsy?

We consider a few things. First, we make sure the companies are relevant to you! We want to showcase companies that you might actually like. Second, we make sure they actually do what they say they’re going to do. And third, right now, every company listed on the site offer a two-sided incentive (also known as a “Give-Get” program), where both the referring customer and new customer are rewarded, hence Go...Halfsy!


Want to suggest a referral program not currently listed on GoHalfsy? Email us at and we’ll check it out!



Do the companies listed like this idea?

We sure like to think so! We’re helping them maximize the program they already offer, earn new customers, and obtain a new social marketing channel--you! However, all we’re doing is making it easier for people to connect with each other. We’re in the process of partnering with each company directly to manage their referral program. That way, we can guarantee that each user makes the most out of the referral process.


Want to introduce us to someone at one of the companies? We’d love that! Email us at


If GoHalfsy doesn’t currently fit for a specific company, we’ll be sure to remove them in a jiffy. We want to make friends, not enemies.



Does GoHalfsy set the amounts on the referral programs?

No, we do not. All details of each specific referral program are set by each specific business. Please review each company’s "Terms of Use" for more information regarding the details of their referral program.



Why do companies offer referral incentives?

One of the biggest challenges for companies is lowering their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Basically, it’s the amount that a company spends through various channels to gain each new customer. Refer-a-friend programs are an example of a customer acquisition strategy. These companies are willing to pay you, their current customers, to help them find new customers.



What should I do if I do not receive my bonus?

First, we recommend that you review the specific company’s “Terms of Use” for the referral program to make sure the requirements were met. Some programs require minimum purchase amounts, a certain length of time, or other criteria for eligibility. If those have been met, we encourage you to contact the company directly. Unfortunately, unless they are one of our partner companies, we cannot intervene on your behalf. Most companies, however, are pretty responsive and want to help you.

What if the referral program has changed?

Most programs stay pretty consistent; however, some change from time to time for various reasons. If you ever notice that a program listed on GoHalfsy is different from the current program being offered, please let us know ASAP ( and we'll make the update immediately.



Do the companies know that I used GoHalfsy?

It depends. Some companies track the origin of new sign-ups, while others do not. Our partner companies will see that you chose them through GoHalfsy and may offer us a financial reward for helping them find a new customer. Don’t worry though—we’ll only promote companies in good standing that are also socially relevant to you based on your friends’ shopping activity.



Will GoHalfsy sell my information?

Absolutely not. Everything we do is in the pursuit of win-win situations with mutually beneficial outcomes. Your data and privacy are incredibly important to us. If you’d like to understand exactly how our information is used, please see our “Privacy Policy” here.



How does GoHalfsy determine who shows up when I search?

We want you to decide who to credit for each referral, so we show you your Facebook friends first. If, for some reason, you don’t have any Facebook friends with available codes/links for that specific company (yet), we will also show you available codes/links from other GoHalfsy users. Eventually, you will be able to use advanced search to sort your results based on criteria that you choose, like number of mutual friends, hometown, college, etc.



How can I show up higher in the search results?

We want to reward those who were our earliest users, so currently they show up first. We will soon be offering our own refer-a-friend program where every user you refer improves your personal ranking in our search results. In the meantime, any user who shares one of our social media posts will be “boosted” in the search results!


The higher your ranking, the more referrals you’re likely to receive!