Hello Friends!


And welcome to Rather than just tell you what we do, we wanted to take a minute and tell you why we do it.


We’re about to get deep… Ready?


How GoHalfsy came to be.

I grew up in a family with plenty of love, but not a lot of money. It wasn’t always easy, but it taught me to be resourceful and frugal. I started working when I was thirteen and got my first full-time job at eighteen to save up money for college. I was putting myself through community college at nights and weekends when I moved into my first apartment complex.


I remember the leasing agent telling me that they offered a $200 reward for each friend I refer. In my small hometown, my entire rent was only $600, so this was huge! I figured...


“Hey, I know people. They’re all probably looking to sign up anyways. I can make some money with this.”


I referred six friends within the first year. That was two months of free rent! So I started looking at other programs. I had a cable company, a cell phone provider, a bank account, and a credit card, but I felt awkward spamming my friends with these referral codes. The wheels started turning…


There has to be a better way to do this.


…which is when I had my “ah-ha” moment. What if there was a better/easier/faster way to share your refer-a-friend codes with people who are actually interested in signing up?


Enter GoHalfsy. Let’s switch it from a push-system (current customers broadcast to people who may or may not be interested) to a pull-system (prospective customers can find it when they need it). Add in a layer of social graphing (think, Kevin-Bacon-effect) and we’re onto something.


We want to make this process simple.

  • You want to receive referrals? Sign up and add your codes.

  • You want to save money on new stuff? Sign up and choose a friend.


It should be that easy.


To this day, I negotiate prices. I double-check my receipts. I shop around before buying. I believe every dollar adds up. If I want to build something meaningful for my family, it starts with the small decisions. Hopefully GoHalfsy helps you and your family too.


“Be frugal and industrious, and you will be free.”

-Ben Franklin




Trying to help wherever/whenever we can,


Ben Bowman

Founder & CEO